The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio

Art Gallery and Tattoo Studio

We provide amazing art and custom tattoos in our beautiful gallery and tattoo shop using as many planet friendly products as possible.

About Our Gallery and Tattoo Studio

A beautiful new creative space in the heart of Bristol.

Our Art Gallery is not only home to an amazing collection of UK artists, but a place anyone is welcome to come and create.

Art is an expression of life, so here at The Art Eternal, we feel it should have a positive impact on our planet.

We have an array of collections, workshops and events, to promote, and educate, on conservation and mental health.

The Art Eternal also houses a vegan and eco- friendly tattoo studio, offering awesome custom tattoos.



The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol
The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol


Whether regarding tattoo, commission, exhibition or products, we are always happy for a chat over a cuppa!


Some reviews from our amazing clients 🧡💚🧡

Ross Dean

Tattoo Client

"Anna was great. I wanted a full sleeve made up of a lot of different characters. Not only is Anna an amazing artist but will suggest far better alternatives as she knows what works and what doesn't.

Without her I'd have a bunch of generic images that don't go together.

I've not seen many people with Anna's style or do it as well as she does. Well worth travelling for!"

Darren Burnside

Art and Tattoo Client

"The trinity that is Anna Quinn. 
Tattoo artist, Painter and photographer. I am fortunate enough to have a piece of all three,. I mean fortunate as the first time that I spoke to Anna was for a tattoo, this is when you realise that she runs deeper than most, she listens to what you want and then explores it in its entirety, it is only then that she produced the artwork that I wanted but could not quite verbalise. The result was a piece that has and will be talked about for ages. 
Then the painter, I could not choose my favourite piece, so I decided to buy both, Cold as Ice and Bite Me. From my first look at her paintings I noticed that you filled in what was missing, the lips had a face, a realism and almost individual identity. Whatever it is Anna can transfer it through the brush to the canvas. I highly recommend getting a piece of great art from this artist, and look forward to buying the next piece.
Finally photography, Captured moments and brief pauses in life. Anna captured everything at the perfect moment, making it look so immediate and natural. The angles and perspective coupled with the silence of the black and white work drawing you in to look deeper only to be amused by a quizzical goat or the sun shining down through the canopy of an old woodland. You could do yourself a favour and walk through all three worlds, evocative and then calming. 
Great artist great work…"

Jennie Richards

Tattoo Client

"I have been going to Anna for the past two years, during which time she has created 7 lovely designs which I am very pleased with.

In my opinion, Anna is a talented artist, but also importantly makes the whole experience enjoyable and rewarding. 

Her equipment, inks and hygiene standards are of the highest order. I would therefore highly recommend Anna to anybody looking for high quality art.

B.C. James 
Author of Mjolnir

Art Client

"In my opinion there is a difference between somebody who creates pretty pictures and someone who creates art. 

The reason that I choose Ms. Quinn to design the cover for my next books was because she creates art. Her work doesn't just depict an image but it also creates a mood and draws an emotion out of the person who sees it. 

While her evocative style style has a Francisco Goya quality to it she is absolutely unique. 

If you are fortunate enough to have an Anna Quinn hanging on your wall, it will never be mistaken for the work of another artist. At the moment I believe her gallery quality work is extremely underappreciated. Hopefully this is not the case for long. "

The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol

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