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Situated in the heart of Bristol, a city known for its amazing art culture and diversity, we have created a space that we feel is for everyone.

Specialising in eye catching contemporary art and eco conscious gifts, whether you want art for your home, work, or body, we have something for all needs and budgets!

The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol
The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol Anna Quinn
The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol Godmachine
The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Christopher Lovell abstracts

Our Artists

The Art Eternal Godmachine music movie skulls dark art


Godmachine was born in Cardiff, South Wales, it was a difficult birth; his parents were in London at the time. He grew up on a steady diet of nothing, 2000AD comics, Santa Cruz skateboards and old library books of Klimt and Beardsley.

His art is born of Jim Phillips, raised by Simon Bisley and adopted by his everyday influences; film, literature and music.

He uses wacom, photoshop and coffee to achieve his detailed images that have made quite an impact on band merch, skateboards and clothing companies today.


The Art Eternal Anna Quinn tattoo modern art

Anna Quinn

Anna is an upcoming UK based artist who wants to use her work to raise awareness and start conversations, based around mental health, equality and environmental and wildlife conservation. She has worked in many creative industries (and some not so creative ones...), with a love for bold colours, Anna’s work is very eye catching and certainly packs a punch.

Being a photographer also, a lot of Anna’s work is referenced on her own captured images, making them truly unique.  

The Art Eternal Christopher Lovell Bristol Dark fantasy

Christopher Lovell

Christopher Lovell is a UK based artist who likes to work traditionally and sits in the genre of Dark Fantasy. He has built his style from the influences he had as a child which were the likes of He-man, Fighting Fantasy books and Games Workshop. The nostalgia that he has from the 80s & 90s era of comic books and video games fuels his imagination to this day. 

Chris has exhibited at the London Tattoo Convention and is currently working on building his collection to continue to exhibit in the future, at present you can find his artwork on Album covers, DVD’s, amplifiers, t-shirts and even coins. 

The Art Eternal Glenn Laird Abstract multi dimensional Bristol

Glenn Laird

Glenn is a Bristol based artist, specialising in multi dimensional abstract art.


The Art Eternal Amy Oliver womans rights mental health female artist

Amy Oliver

Amy is a UK based self-taught conceptual mannequin artist and her work is drawn upon narratives from the female perspective based on her own experiences of women’s rights, identity, domestic abuse, mental health disorders and invisible illnesses. 

Amy’s intention is to create subtle, relatable pieces which portray both the frangible and durable elements of our existence; expressing vulnerability and instability, but also alluding to the fundamental core strength within.

The Art Eternal Melissa Goddard portrait traditional art Bristol

Melissa Esme

Melissa is a portrait artist based in South Bristol, working mostly in oils on a range of different surfaces. In her own words: "I am passionate about faces and the stories behind them - I just love the connections we make with each other through the stories we tell, be them fact or fantasy; new or old."  

Melissa is passionate about minimising her art's impact on the planet and is constantly researching and refining her technique which has grown to include such things like paint thinner made entirely out of orange peel, and even looking backwards to historic techniques. Art should last forever but the consequences of production should not. It's what I love about working with Art Eternal, we are on the same vibe -  to create beauty and support a better future simultaneously.

The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol

Exhibit with Us

A premier exhibition space in the heart of Bristol, available to hire for all mediums of art, including and not limited to; paintings, photography, ceramics, textiles, woodcarving, sculpture and mixed media.


Products we Stock

We have some amazing eco friendly products available here at The Art Eternal. 

Everyone we choose to work with are doing a tremendous job to make items that not only are of great quality, but have a positive impact on our planet. Follow the links to read more on their stories!

Amazinc eco skincare sun lotion The Art Eternal


"We develop and produce simple, natural and functional skincare that is gentle to our skin as well as to the nature around us. We want to cause no unnecessary harm to the environment and inspire people protecting it."

Greencane Paper

By choosing Greencane toilet paper, tissues and paper towels you are making a sustainable choice and valuing our environment. Our plastic-free products are made using fast-growing bamboo and recycled sugarcane, with the aim of enabling softwood forests that are used in traditional paper products, to be freed up and moved into restorative forestry. 

Khadi Papers

At KHADI PAPERS INDIA, we make paper from cotton. This comes in the form of off-cuts from cotton T-shirts which arrive in massive jute sacks from Tirupati, Tamil Nadu. As well as making paper from recyced cotton we also make paper from recycled jute (yes, those same jute sacks) and from tropical crop residual fibres such as banana leaf and sugar cane. None of these papers is made from wood pulp and there is no negative impact on India’s forests.

New Available Works

Brand new in shop now! For more visit our online shop .


Consultations are completely free, come sit down with one of our team to discuss what you are looking for 😊

The Art Eternal art gallery and tattoo studio Bristol

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